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5 Romantic Destinations for Your Honeymoon in the US

When you think of romance, what do you picture in your mind? When couples think of their honeymoon, specific images of places often pop up in their head. It could be palm trees on a white-sand beach or drinks with a view of the sun setting over the Ocean.

Due to the recent pandemic, travel outside has been restricted and might still be. However, domestic travel will soon be open so couples can make their romantic trip here in the US. In light of that, here is a list of some of the top romantic vacation resorts and vacation destinations for couples in the US.

· Nevada

Did you know that Nevada is the driest state in the US? This means that it has hot summers and warm mild winters. Characteristics like these are what make it one of the best year-round vacationing spots in America. Romance in the US, for one thing, is not complete without a mention of Las Vegas. You can also take an educative visit to places like Hoover Dam and the museums if you fancy.

· California

California is a paradise for romantic couples. You’ll find everything from resorts on the coast, in the wine country to gorgeous mountain spots like Lake Tahoe. There is also Carmel Valley, which is a hideaway for celebrities and offers wine tastings and spas. Napa Valley is famous for wine, cheese, scenic routes, and fantastic resorts too.

· Georgia

There are many places to go for romance in Georgia. For example, Sea Island offers miles of sandy beaches, tennis, boating, golf, fishing, a luxurious spa, and other vacation ideas that couples enjoy. You could stay at the lodge in a room with a view of the water and explore the island by bike. Romantic sunset walks at the beach, and many other activities also await you.

· Arizona

Many people know Arizona for its sparkling pools, golf courses, and full-service spas. If you want a luxury getaway where you can pamper yourself, take tours, and relax by the pool, Phoenix and Scottsdale offer warm weather and outdoor activities when it’s winter in many other places in the US. However, the summer is too hot, so trips here in the summer should focus mainly on indoor activities.

· Portland Oregon

Portland is beautiful. From the snowcapped mountains to the lovely museums and the vineyards, romance is made for this location. You’ll find art, beauty, nature, and industry seamlessly blended and complimenting one another in Portland. Portland is also diverse, and you can find links to Japanese culture there too. Join a tour with your loved one to explore if you have little time, hire a car, and explore yourself if your vacation time is extended. You’ll have fun.

As a couple, your happiness and joy are essential to us here at Luxury Travel and Vacations. We can arrange a luxury romantic visit to the destinations above and more. We’re located at 1002 Wild Elm St Celebration, FL 34747. You can give us a call at 866-496-5818 and send us an email at

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