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3 Easily Forgotten Items to Pack for Your Destination Wedding

After all the hustle and bustle that comes with planning and executing your destination wedding, you’re more than ready for it to happen, and so are we. Here at Luxury Travel and Vacations, we excel at destination weddings, so if you intend to have one, you should speak to us as soon as possible.

If you haven’t gone on a destination wedding before, you’ve probably googled a thousand lists of what to pack and what not to forget. We’re sure you’ve seen a list of essential things like your dress and have that sorted out. However, there are some little but necessary things that could significantly affect your trip if you leave them behind. These tips from us will help you with some of those items, confirm that you have yours with you as you get ready.

· Your Documents

These are the first things that you should confirm are with you before, during, and on your way back from your destination wedding. They include your passport, health-related documents, travel insurance, ID, and all the other necessary documents you need to travel from one country to another properly. A great place to keep them is in your handbag, which you should pay special attention to at all times. We also advise that you make copies of your documents and pack them separately as they could come in handy in the unfortunate instance of losing the originals.

· Your Sunscreen

This is especially important if you choose an exotic location for your destination wedding. You may find out that plenty of stores have sunscreen on your arrival or discover that it is nonexistent. That’s why you need to make sure that you leave home with yours. Sunscreen is more than self-care and beauty. It is vital for your health.

· Your Meds

Not only do you need to go with your medication, but you should also make sure that you have a doctor’s letter acknowledging that you need to use the medicines with you. A mini first aid kit containing your medication is a great idea.

You do not want to leave home thinking that you’ll find them for sale at your destination and end up disappointed. Plus, with medication, it is usually best to stick to the brand that works for you. Drugs for common afflictions like stomach aches, headaches, and so on could also come in handy.

Where do you and your spouse want to go for your destination wedding? Luxury Travel and Vacations can help get you there. As a couple, your happiness and joy are important to us, and we promise to deliver a stress-free and delightful destination wedding process that will only make your love for each other grow stronger. We’re located at 1002 Wild Elm St Celebration, FL 34747. You can give us a call at 866-496-5818 and send us an email at

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